Blush and Black

So we all can't afford to get the most high end staple pieces, but if there is one item I think you should splurge on it would be a great bag.  The right bag can become a staple in your wardrobe for years.  In order to stay on trend for more than one season, buy a bag of high quality, with classic shape, and a neutral color.  Put it away after the season you bought it for is over and pull it out next year.  More than likely it will be in style still!

Blush and Black
Forever 21 - Mysterious Moment Dress $27.80
Payless - Spencer Disk Flat Sling - $12.99
Tory Burch - "Marion" Quilted Shoulder Bag - $525.00
Forever 21 - Modernist Reversible Layered Necklace - $12.80
Forever 21 - Glitzy Rose Ring Set - $4.80
Forever 21 - Creme Lipstick - $3.80
Forever 21 - Volume & Length Mascara - $9.80

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