LeLa Studio - For the Fashionable Lunch

If you are anything like me, you are throwing your lunch for work together five minutes before you walk out the door.  I couldn't be a bigger procrastinator honestly.  Instead of throwing it into my usual plastic bag (I know super classy, right?) I am excited to have one of these lovely LeLa Studio lunch totes now to hold my last minute lunches.

LeLa Studios is a lovely little Etsy shop run by Lisu.  Her lunch totes are made with handmade fabric in fun prints and colors.  These totes are fully insulated to keep your lunch fresh and the fabric lining is a solid color.  Hand washable and 100% cotton.  The tote sits perfectly upright with its flat bottom design.  The strap has a Velcro closer at the top.  These totes are so cute they could be used as a purse or a little beach tote as well.

Lisu has been kind enough to offer up one of her lunch totes for this weeks giveaway.  The winner is welcome to chose any lunch tote from her shop.  Here are some of my favorite patterns in the shop currently.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Gray Yellow Colorblock Tote - $30.50
Keys and Locks on Black Tote - $28.00
Big Brown Polka Dot Tote - $27.00
Teal Chevron Taupe Color Block Tote - $30.50

My other favorite item from LeLa Studio are these great Reusable Sandwich Wraps.  I think these are a great alternative to plastic baggies which are wasteful and tupperwear which can sometimes be too bulky for a lunch bag.  These would be great for little ones as well as adults.  They are 100% cotton on the outside, Ripstop nylon on the inside which is wipeable, and washable in the the washing machine!  What a great idea!  Open them up and it is like a little picnic on the table.  They keep your eating surface clean as well!

Blue and White Checker Reusable Sandwich Wrap - $7.95

So be sure to enter this giveaway and check out Lisu's shop LeLa Studio!  

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