Wine & Canvas

This year for my best friend's birthday I wanted to do something unique and fun.  I'm not quite sure how I found out about this place but I am so glad I did.  We ended up going to Wine and Canvas in South Bend, Indiana.  Talk about a great time!  We had a blast.  If you haven't ever tried something like this I promise if you have any sort of crafty bone in your body you will love it!  You most definitely do not need to be an artist to paint a picture at one of these places.  They have the best instructors who stand in front of the class, where everyone can see, and give you a complete step-by-step process of what to do.

For $35.00 per person you receive a seat in the class, a blank canvas, paint, and paint brushes.  My favorite part?  You get to drink wine (or other beverages) while you create your masterpiece!  They also offer food to snack on as well.  These don't come with the $35, but so worth it! 

The classes are three hours long and you sign up online on their website for the specific painting you wish to create.  I suggest signing up awhile before you want to go because classes fill up fast!

Here are a few photos from the Wine and Canvas event my best friend and I attended. We had a blast!
Lots of fun creating!  My finished product turned out lovely. It hangs in my bedroom now and I love it

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