Thrift Store Creation

After visiting multiple thrift stores awhile back I ended up with a ton of children's books.  Maybe too many... So I had to get to thinking about what I could do with them.  

Seriously too many. 

I ended up grabbing some of the mini picture frames I got that day as well from Michaels and thrift stores.

I figured these would look perfect with some children's storybook pictures in them. So here is the result!

I am thrilled with how these turned out! Super simple.  I just traced the shape of the piece of paper in the frames over one of the illustrations I wanted to frame.  

I think these would be totally precious in a nursery.  I might end up trying my luck at selling a few on Etsy as well.  Would love your thoughts on this project and would love to see your creations if you try this out yourself! 

Happy Crafting :)

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