Add a Rustic Touch

Looking for a way to add a rustic touch to your home but not feeling like spending too much?  I have three great ideas for you today!

If you have old cabinet hardware you are actually a step ahead of me.  I don't have any, this is a project I need to get on!  If you are lucky enough to have any hardware how about sprucing it up and adding a rustic flare? 

Photo Credit - House Revivals

These Anthropologie inspired handles are great against a white cabinet.  I think the jute would look great on circle hardware as well.  A little hot glue and TA-DA, a whole new look!  Follow the link in the caption to get a quick how-to!

Next I have something super simple, it is available for purchase on Etsy, but if you have the supplies laying around why not create it yourself? 

This planter would add the perfect touch to a dining room table. With the changing of seasons you could trade out pines and berries for a Spring look with moss and some bright flowers.  The planter pictured is made of walnut, but any wood and stain would work for this.  Use some vintage looking nails for an added touch.  Not touching a hammer?  Look for small wooden boxes like these at thrift and antique stores.  Remember you can always refinish or paint it to make it your style

Finally, I have another rustic touch similar to the planter.  Use or create another planter, add a piece of burlap and stencil onto it to create this look.

Photo Credit: Etsy

I love the thumb tacks used around the corners of the burlap.  This would be extremely easy to create.  You could use this on a desk, in an entry way for keys, or in a laundry room to hold pocket finds. 

Feeling inspired? I hope so!  Look around your home today and see if there is a piece that is dated or boring.  Look for potential and get creating!  

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