Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Wedding Shoe How to!

Happy Sunday!  I am in the middle of another string art piece today so I figured I would put a wedding post up!

Browsing through wedding pictures I stumbled across some of my favorite shots.  The Bride's Shoes! Shoes are such a great opportunity to ditch the traditional and wear something you LOVE!  My wedding was rustic and I only used neutral colors, so I used my shoes as an opportunity to add a pop of color to my wedding day look!
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I searched for my shoes forever it felt like, but when I found these I knew they were perfect!  I found them at Jcpenny for thirty dollars!! What a bargain!! I found my jewels at Icing in the mall.  They had the perfect vintage look I was going for!  My garter is also pictured.  I ordered it from an Etsy shop called LucyBridalBoutique.  This shop has some adorable bridal pieces at really reasonable prices and great quality!

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for the PERFECT wedding shoe.  I am definitely guilty of spending too much time looking on there for my perfect shoe.  The problem I would run into is a lot of the shoes I would find on Pinterest would end up having no link attached to them (so no way of finding out who sold them or where I could find them) or they would be extremely out of my budget!  Christian Louboutin's were out of the question!  So get out there and shop!  I am lucky to be three hours from Chicago so I had the opportunity to go there and look, but don't forget about the stores close to you!  Your perfect shoe may be closer than you think!!

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