Lovely Little Wedding Favors

So for my first wedding related post I would love to speak a little about wedding favors.  I had extremely mixed feelings about what favors I was going to do at my wedding, or honestly if I was going to even do them at all.

I wanted them to be rustic but after Googling and Pinteresting "RUSTIC WEDDING FAVORS" all I seemed to stumble across was food, lots of jam and honey, little heart tokens...but basically just a lot of food items.  I also saw lots of mason jar favors which I liked, but I wanted something different!

I feel like there are so many different favor types you can do for your wedding that are way more unique than the normal bubbles or candy... I am sorry but these are so overdone! So what favors did I chose for my special day?

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These lovely little gems were what I ended up going with!  I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on favors so a simple, chic succulent favor for our guests to take home and plant was the right choice for us! Not only did I make our heart picks, I also grew the succulents myself.  Here's a list of what you need to create this lovely favor!

  • Heart Pick

    • Two colors of think scrapbook paper
    • A custom made stamp
    • Brown Ink Pad
    • Toothpicks
    • Glue dots
    • Martha Stewart Heart punches (Is this what they are called? I have no idea...Metal with the handle...)
  • Succulent Container

    • Tea Light Candles
    • Lace Ribbon
    • Glue Gun
I found my adorable custom made stamp in the sweetest Etsy shop called cupcaketree. She creates custom stamps that are very high quality and I would highly recommend purchasing from her!  Truly talented!

I ended up finding two whole boxes full of half used tea light candles a girl had used at her wedding for $10.00 at a garage sale.  There were a few broken ones and I didn't at the time know what I would use them for but I figured I would find some use for them.  They ended up working perfectly for these favors.  I put them into the freezer for a couple hours, took them out and the leftover half used candle wax popped right out. 

A little dirt, an adorable little baby succulent, and a little lace burlap colored ribbon did the trick and they turned out lovely!! I was so happy I got to re-purpose the tea light holders into something new!

Use what you have on hand, look for something to re-purpose, and put your personality into your favors!  Your guests will appreciate it!  As my intoxicated guests left at the end of the night these little succulents were the talk of the wedding! I also got tons of complements on them in the following weeks!  They were memorable and that was my goal!

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