And here is the beginning...

Wow!  Lovely Little Fawn is now up and running, and I couldn't be more excited about this!  This is something I have wanted to start for awhile and I am so glad I am finally at a place in my life where I feel like it is a "good" time to start it.  (Is there ever really a good time for anything though? ;) )

So who am I?  My name is Jennifer!  I am an ambitious mother and wife who has really big dreams!  I started Lovely Little Fawn as a precursor to bigger and better owning my own business.

Meet the Brown's
Shaun (The Amazing Husband), Daisy (Our First Baby and Fur Child), Carson (The love of my life and the sweetest little boy you will ever meet), and Me!!

I am a lover of all things rustic!  I have always been a crafty person who loves creating new things and am addicted to Pinterest...of course who isn't though! 

2013 was an interesting year for me.  Lots of changes and wrapping up of a lot of things, such as a business degree.  Therefore 2014 is a year to start things and hopefully become successful in what I really want to do.  I am riding the negative (my old job) and embarking on a new journey.  I guess you can say I have a "You only live once" attitude this year and luckily an AMAZING husband to support me while I figure out how to make my dreams come true.

Why Lovely Little Fawn?

I am obsessed with rustic everything.  I love rustic home d├ęcor and repurposing the old to make it look new but still maintain its rustic style.  Shaun and I got married August 3rd, 2013 and had a rustic style wedding! It was beautiful and I had the best time planning it!  (I will be doing a post with pictures of that soon!) So in order to combine my love of all things rustic, wedding, diy, and crafty...I came up with Lovely Little Fawn!

 I am using this blog to feature what I do and create and to document my journey to my ultimate goal!  I love sharing my ideas with the people around me!  After my wedding was over I honestly felt lost without the DIY projects I had worked on for a year and a half and all the planning that went into it that became a big part of my life!  I realized I had a true passion for it. 

I hope you enjoy what I post.  If you are a lover of DIY, planning a wedding, in need of organization tips, or thinking of starting a small business yourself I think my blog could be of use to you! 


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